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Awesome kitchen tips & tricks

Hi!! Welcome all!!
We all want to save money & time in the kitchen. If you also love cooking and working in kitchen like I do, than this blog is for you. This is Payal Kakkar with tested and tried tips and tricks. You can also check my other blog about savings start from home first.

So, without wasting any time let's start.

1. GINGER GARLIC PASTE - My first & favourite tip is to make homemade ginger and garlic paste and refrigerate it. Chose two air tight containers which will be forever for ginger garlic paste only. Make these two paste yourself and refrigerate it.

2. PRESERVATION - Once you are done with these paste now, you should think about preserving them so that atleast you can use it up to one or one and a half week. Add some salt and Luke warm vegetable oil in these two.

3. DOUGH- So, preparing chapati dough is our daily routine why don't make our chapati dough more soft by adding some lukewarm milk and salt to it?? Nice na....Actually there are two reasons behi…