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Hi there!! Welcome to my blog. This is Payal kakkar and today in my very first blog I am going to help you in saving your money and time as well with some of my tips and tricks.I am glad you are here. This blog is about "START SAVINGS FROM HOME FIRST". I am a housewife as well as a mom and I chose this topic because I want to help those people who want to save their time and money but, they don't know where to start. Always remember A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED.
Here are some Awesome kitchen tips and tricks.

Saving money with time is an art and you will learn it by your experience only. Our generation go with Smart Work rather than doing Hard work. All you have to get fully involved into it. This blog is especially for ladies. As I really believe that savings starts from your house first. Let's go ahead and take a look on below mention suggestions.
1. MIND SET: The very first and important step is to prepare yourself, that this will take some efforts at starting. Onc…